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Baila Esta Cumbia
Stanislaus County Fair 2014
About Us
The "David Perez Band", originally known as "David Perez Y Su Orquestra," followed by "David Perez Y Los Muchachos" during the eighties and into the nineties, followed by "David Perez Y Tejano Gold" from the nineties into the new millennium. 
In the Spring of 2009 the founder and original leader, David Perez, passed away at the age of 85.  For a few months the family was undecided on whether to continue the band.  Eventually, it was unanimous, we decided to keep the band going.  In his honor, we now call the band the "David Perez Band".
We, the family band members, continue to follow our beloved leaders example when performing. He used to say: "The secret to success is to give people their money's worth", and he always did. Another thing he would say was; "I must be at my best all of the time, and so should all of my musicians". We continue in his tradition today.
The "David Perez Band" is located in the Central California area.   The "David Perez Band" has had several number ones, singles and albums, with the current releases as no exception. 
 Although the roots of the band lie in Tejano music we are very diverse in our selections with the crowd in mind for each performance.  Music styles include: Tejano, Country, Cumbia, Blues, Tropical, Oldies, Old School and Old Time Rock and Roll.  At each show the audience gets taken in and doesn't let go.  The "David Perez Band" is a family based and performance geared band.  The fan base for the "David Perez Band" is not only in the thousands but reaches people from all walks of life and ages. 
The "David Perez Band" can be currently heard on radio stations across California and Idaho.  The album "45th Anniversary", which was released in 2005, commemorated the bands longevity in the music industry.  the album was picked up by a large record company in Texas, where it was re-released to great success.  
The "David Perez Band" has performed with Grammy Award winners Little Joe Y La Familia, The Texas Tornadoes, Johnny Hernandez, Michael Salgado and others.  The "David Perez Band" has performed at many venues across the United States.  Local performances include: The California State Fair 10 years running, Festival de la Familia in Sacramento9 years running and the  Sacramento County Fair, with over 20 years performing at numerous Cinco de Mayo festivals in Reno and in the Sacramento Valley Valley. 
The "David Perez Band" and several of its members have received many accolades from numerous business/nonprofit organizations, Congressmen, Congresswoman and The Armed Services.  The "David Perez Band" has also been inducted into the Tejano Music Museum Music Museum. With the band now entering its 50th year in the industry we are working harder than ever to stay in touch with the energy of todays youth and the history of previous generations. 
The "David Perez Band" spans four generations of musicians from the Perez family with no plans for slowing down.
As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
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